Automatic Vending Facilities Display

Vending machine is mostly used in automated or self-service business, for its advantages in convenient transaction, labor reduction, and no restraint of time and location. As the brand new retail, vending machine is also known as a mini supermarket for 24 opening hours. They are mainly categorized into three kinds, which are beverage vending machine, food vending machine and full-line vending machine.



Representative Company

Guangzhou Gump Come Company Limited

Guangzhou Gump Come Company Limited, referred to as Gump Come below, is a company which conducts research, manufacture and operation of smart vending machines with orientation of artificial intelligence innovation. Gump Come focuses on big data application and SVM R&D. Utilizing cameras, multi-touch and voice interaction technologies, Gump Come has taken advantage of interesting interaction between human and machines. In addition, Gump Come Mini Shop contains rich media properties, which means high extension capabilities for advertisement and retail. Gump Come has proved great profitability to various partners.


Self-service terminal and solution, automatic vending comprehensive system, self-service query terminal, currency recognition system, self-service printer, mobile payment terminal device, smart card reader, related accessories and service for vending machines.

Brand Integrated Service Solution Display and Interaction Display




Design, technology, device, big data of creative display and other interactive experience products.

Smart New Retailing Tech & Application Display

In the wake of integration of conventional retail and e-commerce, retail industry makes a groundbreaking change towards intelligence by taking advantage of online and offline retail. For the emerging industry, smart retail includes intelligent sales promotion / loss prevention / electronic price tag / inventory / statements / statistics, etc.


Representative Company

Founded in 1991 by IBM HongKong Corporation, Shenzhen International SoluSoft Software Co., Ltd. (SISS), is the first software development company invested by IBM in mainland China. SISS is headquartered in Shenzhen, and has branches, offices and Technical Service Centers throughout the nation. SISS has a long-term commitment and experience in providing best enterprise management software and solutions for Retail, E-business, Food Industry. It is the countrywide leader in retail software solutions. Based on products, SISS provides industry solution, management consultation, implementation, system integration and technical support services for specific needs.


Retail Management System, Retail Shop System, F&B Management System, Intelligent display screen, Touch All In One PC, digital signage, intelligent checkout machine, intelligent POS system, intelligent scanning / printing system, intelligent identification / collection system, intelligent payment system, mobile APP, intelligent guide system / interactive system, multimedia display system, digital display system, RFID tag system, passenger flow statistic analysis system, personnel location tracking system, data mining and analysis system, Internet of things system, etc.

E-commerce & New Retailing Business Display

Electronic commerce is to use computer technology, network technology and the remote communication technology to realize the whole business ( buy) in the process of electronic, digital and network.

Representative Company


Alibaba established in 1999 by Jack Ma, is known as the biggest e-commerce company and also the world’s largest retailer as of 2016 surpassing Walmart. is one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume and revenue, a member of the Fortune Global 500 and a major competitor to Alibaba-run Tmall. As of March 2017 it currently has 236.5 million active customer accounts. 


Amazon is the largest American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington. Since the inception in 1995, Amazon nowadays has expanded the business into a wide range and become the online retailer with the largest product species.


Integrated branding service, interactive experience service, smart retail software, e-commerce platform and mall, cross-border online retailer, e-commerce service, logistics and supply chain management, intelligent manufacturing and future technology, etc.

Creative Display

Creative display features a kinds of innovative cultural industry with integration of cultural design, manufacturing and modern service. It is aimed at the promotion, sale and commodity communication.

Creative Design Display

Retail design is based on the practical construction and indoor design skills, as well as integrates the interior decoration elements, graphic design, human engineering and advertising. Creative design display includes the retail space design, windows display and design, counter display design, etc.


Decorations, wooden products, commercial space lighting, decorative lighting, intelligent control management system, lighting and lighting design, window display design, counter display design, shop design, handicraft design, industrial design, etc.